1/09/2009 11:13:00 am

Time just flies

Posted by Rags

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.” – Jeremy Irons

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and before you realize months turn into years. Whoever said that sounds very true as we all know time just flies before we even realize it. Anyway, my first week of this New Year was really hectic and a bit stressful because of work and planning my finance to have some kind of stability in savings.

Nothing much happened this week apart from being busy at work, and in the middle of the week comes really disappointing news from my parents about our pet. This is the first time I’m writing about my snoopy on my blog. He is such an adorable ‘Lhasa Apso’ breed. He is very friendly and doesn’t take time to drag attention and always wants people do adore him..lol. For some reason from past few months he was not on his best and was informed by doc in one of the visit that he is having ‘Hernia’ for which poor snoopy has to get operated and its all because of his inappropriate diet. Hope he will get well soon. I miss him soooo much.


Daniel Ng said...

Hey young man, good to hear that you start to plan for your finance now, it will be the advantage when you understand the personal finance when you are young!

Sorry for your pet, wow! she is so cute^^^

Harshitha said...

Savings is something which i still need to work out on :( Srry about snoopy but dont worry he will get well soon.

Rags said...

Thanx Dan :) Savings is wht i'm stressng on tis yr.

Rags said...

Hey Harshitha, h u dng??? Thank god ... snoopy is dng much better now.

Shilpa M V said...

oho snoopy dear...haven't visited him for quite sometime now...hope it is not anything major. cant see him suffer for sure..