1/09/2009 08:45:00 pm

Will your job be safe in 2009?

Posted by Rags

“It's a recession when your neighbour loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.” - Harry S Truman

If you have asked the same question a year before probably, for many of us the answer would have been more positive but in the present scenario for most of us it’s quite obvious that it’s going to be negative. Its really scary out there where every other day you get hear about job cuts, lay off’s and well know customer facing businesses go bank-corrupt and goes into administration.

It’s too complicated for me to talk about the economic downturn or recession but got a question - What’s the use of having all this economic experts and why is that every country passes it on calling it as a global problem?

I know for sure that before recession, ‘Human Resource Department’ in every company were so busy in hiring people to meet business standards. But wonder how they are dealing with recession? As we all know that every organizations looks at ‘Human Resource Department’ to discuss various strategies of doing cost cutting and among them would be to prepare every one for layoff. Guess answer to my question is
“UNPREDICTABLE”. Hope you all agree wit me...


Shij said...

very true, Rags..
Ur thots r going deeper...huh!! :)