12/06/2008 12:06:00 am

Such an IDIOT...

Posted by Rags

Oh dear i been such an idiot! I'm really sorry i didn't mean to make all my blog readers to feel sad. I am sorry about previous post. Its just that i tend to react in some strange way when things start going in wrong direction. 

Everyday I wake up and carry on with my normal daily routine and most of the time i am happy with what i am doing. I pray to god and seek his blessings to make me more strong to face the unpredicted tomorrow. I am just normal guy who smiles for the silliest things and laugh out loud for the dumbest. I miss my parents and friends, life isn't easy when you stay far from the people who mean a world to you.

Every time something goes wrong, it will take time for me to figure out as where and how its gone wrong and before i do, it would have gone out of my reach. So, here I am saying to myself to start over again by moving on in life hoping things will be different. Life will be easy without any complications but hey...knock...knock soon i feel like its back again ..... 'Nothing's changed'. So am I ....

As i mentioned on my previous post, will be traveling to Oxford as a part of my mission to catch up with friend and also to be honest i needed a break really!!!

Have a good weekend every one.... 'God Bless'.



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Rags said...

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