12/10/2008 09:52:00 am

My Weekend GetAway...

Posted by Rags

If you have read my previous post where i mentioned about my weekend getaway plan to oxford, which i did...and must say, had a wonderful time and It's hard to believe my quick weekend getaway was really quick, I mean it went by way to fast. It was just amazing two days.

I kick started saturday by meeting few friends for dinner at 'Tree Hotel" which is known for Indian, Thai cuisine and quite popular in oxford. Usually I'm such a food freak but that night it was more of getting to know few new friends, cracking jokes and ended our gathering by sipping 'Tequila"... lol.

Pornima, Pallu,Sheets & Me (Naveen takng pic)

On sunday, spent entire day in city center to do window shopping along with friend and also we managed to go to 'Chang Mai Kitchen' for lunch. This would be my second visit to this restaurant. [Click here -> to check my previous visit post].  It was just perfect short break what i really needed from my busy routine. 


Daniel Ng said...

Hi Rags,
Look like you have a wonderful weekend getaway!

I am also the food freak too, look like Thai or Indian cuisine are very famous in UK right? how about Chinese or Japanese cuisine?

You take care, i just want to stopping by and say hi to you and thanks for following my blog, bro.

Rags said...

Most of the hotel's are either indian, thai or chinese.... not really sure of any japanese :D

Thanx for droppng by....