11/29/2008 12:32:00 pm

Just Be Yourself...

Posted by Rags

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting". - Cummings

How tuff or difficult is it just to be yourself? Have you come across those kinds of people whom you really want to say “Be yourself” GGrrr...lol. Well, sounds so simple and a very good advice to give. I wonder if it’s possible in this materialistic world where we keep getting influenced with almost anything.

I asked a very simple question to myself: Who am I? Then I tried to write down in points that first came to my mind thinking that once when I write it down in points it will be easy for me to sum it up to get the answer. I must say this was not at all an easy or simple question as I thought it might be. I think I now know why some people spend their entire life term to figure out who they are?

But in this highly influenced and materialistic world probably we often don’t like to scratch our head for this which takes ages and the risk is you might or might not get the answer you are looking for. It was definitely not easy for me to find out the answer but I’m determined to be the way how I was all this years and love to hear from all those people near to my heart to say that I’m still the same.

Guess when I hear that I will get the answer what I was looking for…..


Indrayani said...

Thanks for the add up in blogcatalog and adding me up!
I really like your blog man!!
good layout and awesome content..
I read quite a few older posts, and you made me smile, think, reflect all at the same time..!
I am adding you to my blog roll!!
Keep writing and I am addicted to bloggin too :)
Take care!!!

Louden said...

I think people have trouble being themselves because that might mean they are seen as different and ridiculed for that. People are programmed through media to be more like the people projected to them through their television screens. People are always telling me they think I should be different somehow. I should do things more like them. I do my best to discipline myself to not listen to people.

lovelyrainbow1 said...

nice post Rags :)

TexasCowboy said...

Great article, so true. Love your play list. All the best.