12/02/2008 11:31:00 pm

One Of Those Days..

Posted by Rags

"Everything has been figured out, except how to live". - Jean-Paul Sartre

Last couple of days was one of those days where i was feeling very low. I was missing home, parents and closed ones so much. I just felt like not being myself and did some weird things like blocking myself from reaching outside world. It usually takes time for me to get back to normal but kept wondering as why i feel this way?

 It took a while for me to come up with the title for this post as 'One Of Those Days' and must say it truely makes sense because its quite often i feel this way and since there is no particular reason so need to say as its one of those days. I remember one of my close friend used to say that i just need a reason to feel low. But the question i keep asking to myself is 'Why will i look for a reason to feel low'? I mean common, who wants to be sad? I kept saying myself that i need to be responsible and act like a matured adult. ( Whatever that means...lol).

On the other hand feeling low creates a lot of problem for me, like not being able to concentrate at work which is really bad and that makes my self-esteem to hit rock bottom and everything i say comes out negatively (GGrrrrr). 

Anyways, there was some good news to cheer me up, my leave got sanctioned from 23rd Jan 09 to 15th Feb 09 i will be traveling to bangalore (India) to spend some time with my parents. God knows how much i miss them....


afparks said...

Hi, there thanks for adding me at blog catalog. Hope you'll be able to see your family soon. Good luck and happy blogging

Rags said...

Hey, Thanx for droppng in & yup i just cant wait 2 travel 2 india 2 spend som quality time wit my parents.