11/04/2008 10:18:00 pm


Posted by Rags

"My Life is very CRAZY and BUSY, but i love it that way". - Hilary Duff

I'm going absolute crazy, Its Insane. Its really freaking me out. I feel like I'm in tremendous pressure and this is all cause of my busy schedule for this month but unfortunately I can't blame it on anyone. So trying my best to be multi-tasking and working hard for the better outcome. On one hand I need to complete all pending university work before the deadline and on the other getting busy with office work by doing more overtime as and when time permits.

In my previous post I have mentioned about taking measures about stopping my unnecessary spending habits. I have now kick started by not buying weekly bus pass which i normally buy once in a week as it saves lot of time for me traveling between university and office. Since my university and work place is only 20 - 25 minutes far from the place where I live so decided to go by walk rather then spending money for bus pass... yeeey !