11/16/2008 12:21:00 pm

Birthday Surprise

Posted by Rags

"What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while, so pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag. And smile, smile, smile”. --- George Asaf

Let me kick start this post by saying thank you to all those who wished me for my birthday! That’s much appreciated.

I was so happy to see my best friend who dropped in to see me for my birthday and we had some amazing time together and had
Aloo-Paratha from Indian Takeaway. Because of my busy schedule didn’t plan much for my birthday apart from catching up with few mates after work for a drink.

The best thing that happened on my birthday was to own
N95 8GB. If you have read my previous post where I have expressed my desire to own N95 8GB but couldn’t go for it ‘cause it was expensive and also because of my restriction on my spending, but something amazing happened on my birthday when I dropped into O2 outlet with a friend just to double check about the price and to my surprise I was offered a free upgrade from my Blackberry (Pearl) to Nokia N95 8GB because of my good record of payment for my previous mobile contract.. It was truly unbelievable …. So happy…Yeeeey!!!

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pinaykeypoint said...

Hi there thanks for adding me in your BC list. I added you back and visited your blog.

You have a nice corner here and I also wanna wish you a happy birthday, may you have many many more articles to post, accounts to sign up, groups to join and readers to grow :)

>>> Juliet

Rags said...

Hey Juliet,

Thanx for dropng in 2 chk my blog & thank u very m for ma B'day wishes :D


Lydia said...

I'm a sad person myself. But I have learned in my life that if we always smile, the world will smile back at you. BTW, belated happy birthday.