10/27/2008 06:45:00 pm

You Tube gathering experience..

Posted by Rags

I managed to reach the You Tube gathering spot (London Eye) on time but was a bit hesitant to get mingled in a group as every one were strangers to me. I was so surprised to see all different age group you tubers comming together for this gathering.

Chris who’s user name is (lomasca) on you tube has organized this gathering. To be honest I quite enjoyed to see so many you tuber’s specially (DTtwinsangry) as they travelled all the way from Russia and they were so sweet to get me a gift.

Once everyone gathered under London eye we kick started by visiting an arcade near London eye where we played bumping cars. Thanks to rob who did a bit of video shoot of me driving bumping car..lol. Also managed to take few pictures with the people I managed to interact. Didn't get much time to interact with every one but was very happy seeing them.

Click here for You Tube Gathering PICTURES
Click here for You Tube Gathering VIDEO 

After saying good bye to all you tube friends headed straight to Eastham in London in search of vegetarian Indian Restaurant. After wandering a bit in Eastham finally managed to find a typical south Indian vegetarian restaurant, was so happy to see my entire favourite south Indian food listed on a restaurant menu. Initially dint know as which food to order first..lol. So started with idly, vada and sambar then masala dosa and ended by having besi bele bath. It was just amazing. I miss home food soooo much.