10/11/2008 11:55:00 am

Weekend at work!!!

Posted by Rags

How boring can it be to work on weekend? When I have loads of university work to take care. It’s going to be long day for me at work because of 10hrs shift and that means I will be stuck at work all day and same shift hours will be continued tomorrow as well. My colleagues at work say “Rags don’t think about the time you spend at work but think about the money you get.” And there are few others who say “Rags, my mate common get a life.” At times I feel so confused and lost trying to figure out as which of my mate’s statements are true. Considering the responsibility I have towards my family and my commitments I'm pretty much convinced with the first statement.

I feel like there is so much to say and so much to share but guess will save it for my future posts.

Anyways, Last night I have uploaded new video to my VLog and it’s basically about Welsh Traditional dance which was organised by university as a part of welcome party for the fresher, since I missed mine so happen to join along with fresher's cause was curious to see as how its been organised. I tapped my feet for the welsh tune... lol. Click here for video.