10/17/2008 07:01:00 pm


Posted by Rags

I woke up this morning and just sat on my bed with tears in my eyes. No, I’m not talking of having any bad dreams but was feeling kind of homesick. I’m missing home a lot more these days. Looking forward for that day when I board the plane and fly home to be with the family and friends who means a lot to me. It seems to me as if it was the longest three years of my life.

My heart cries and aches under the turbulent stresses of my daily life which is filled with unnecessary worries, fears and doubts. I wonder if I can take much more of this. I’ve never felt this vulnerable before. So alone, lost and perplexed by life’s incessant changes.


Shilpa said...

hey bravo... common cheeeeer up! i can imagine how it feels to be away from home... again its all matter of time.. am sure you can handle it :-)