11/20/2008 07:13:00 pm

Life goes on..

Posted by Rags

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” - James Dean

I don’t want to be lost in thoughts like many people do; rather I would prefer to go with the flow. In that way I don’t have to predict or prepare for tomorrow as I’m sure most of you agree that we can’t really predict as what’s going to happen tomorrow. But still somewhere I feel it doesn’t sound right as one should always be prepared for tomorrow either by forecasting or taking appropriate precautions depending on the situation. Don’t you think it totally depends on the way how you look at the situation?

The only thing that’s worrying me at the moment is about my financial planning. Its only recently I bought a plot in
Bangalore and registration is due to happen in next couple of months for which I’m so excited as this will be officially my very first asset. Addition to that I had a plan to expand my dad’s property by constructing couple of studio flats but guess need to keep it on hold because of tremendous exchange rate difference. In Aug 2008 Exchange rate was £1 = 88/- INR but according to today’s exchange rate its £1 = 74/- INR. That’s unbelievable massive difference. So, in other words financial crisis is hitting me hard ‘cause of which I need to hold back or think twice before making any move.

There is a delay but that’s definitely not going to stop me as I truly believe life just goes on ….


lovelyrainbow1 said...

I agree with you Rags (that life goes on).

When I'm worried too much about the past or the future, I always put this thought in my mind: "the past is history (coz we cannot change it) and the future is mystery (coz we don't really know what will happen), so I need to live my life today (seize the day)"