10/24/2008 02:27:00 am

Weekend Update..

Posted by Rags

After amazing night out which I mentioned on my previous post, I’m back on my regular schedule which is work, work and more work. At times I get so scared thinking as what future holds for me, O god; I don’t want this post to be sounding as if I’m feeling low because I got some good news to share.

I’m not working this weekend yeeeeey!!! It’s been ages since I had a proper weekend break. Will be traveling to London for you tube gathering. For those who don’t know what you tube gathering is? Its kind of gathering where all other you tuber’s from different parts of the world come together to spend sometime and share their experience. Now, to be honest I have no idea as how big or small this gathering going to be as this will be my very 1st you tube gathering so not much expecting but honestly I’m looking forward to meet all those nice people.