9/30/2008 07:09:00 pm

Weird Bandwidth messages

Posted by Rags

Today morning when I checked my blog was so shocked to see all weird bandwidth message boxes all over my blog template. The template that I use for my blog: Charcoal2 has exceeded its photo bucket bandwidth limit. The person that created the template put all of his pictures that the template uses on one account and has his account shows blue, "UPGRADE TO PRO" messages. After spending nice couple of hours repairing all of the pictures and hosting them on my own account, I think I have eliminated all the annoying messages.

How embarrassing, to be a designer and have that happen but honestly its not his fault as many people downloading templates so its understandable and those people who have used this template will not know how to replace all the pictures. Below is a way to fix all of the problems that this has caused and I hope this can help anyone with this template.
  • Go to Template on your blogger dashboard
  • Click "Edit Html"
  • Find every picture that links to photobucket
  • Copy the URL into your explorer bar and copy the picture to your computer
  • Upload to another image host and replace the broken url with the one you uploaded.
  • Rinse and repeat till clean :)

Hope above info helps :)


Shilpa said...

yaaa rags.. message is all over your blog page!